Our name eGaness

Digital- Knowledge- Results

Ganesh is a hindu god that symbolizes wisdom. It has the power to remove obstacles and grants prosperity. Its peculiar features indicate great virtues: think big; listen more; speak less; concentrate; aim towards the highest goal; retain the good- remove the bad.

The ending “ss” represents the merge with the final two letters of the word “success”.

And the “e-“? The “e-” indicates our passion for the digital world

Our Mission

Help executives, managers and entrepreneurs in the key moments of their professional development, to expand their resources and multiply their results.

What do we understand by key moments?

Those in which it is necessary to “raise the game level”, that is, to deploy new ways of thinking and acting to face new challenges. Either because they have just being promoted to a position of greater complexity; they have joined a new company, or they have to lead a team in a transformation or challenging growth situation, those are moments in which it is necessary to stop and reflect, identify what skills they need to develop, incorporate new knowledge / behaviors, and continue the path with renewed resources.

It is not an easy process. Day to day pressures are constant. But it is possible. And it will make a difference in their performance. eGaness will help you in this journey.


A positive vision of change

A positive vision of change