Some of Our Clients

Thanks to the collaboration with eGaness, our initiatives to transform the corporate functions have become a reality, overcoming the resistance and pressures of everyday life. Their structured approach, the trust and responsibility that their consultants convey to the members of the management team, and their continuous monitoring are a combination of success!

Sandra Gibert - General Manager at Unisono

The coaching process with Dolores has been very satisfactory. Her approach and positive attitude fill each session with energy, making you feel that you are making progress. Her extensive executive experience makes her easily understand business challenges, which in turn makes conversations simpler and richer. I definitely recommend her as a coach.

Technology Vice president, Services company

When you join a new company in a senior management position, you hardly receive any feedback. The coaching sessions with Dolores have been vital to adapt to a complex new environment. In addition, they have helped me detect strengths that I was not aware I had, to believe more in my own resources, to draw up an adaptation strategy, to focus on the important and not to lose perspective.

Vice president in a Technology company

Due to my engineer profile with extensive experience in the business and strategic consulting sector, my natural tendency is to focus on the execution of projects and the achievement of results. Dolores has been a great help to improve my ability to build relationships with those who represent an obstacle in achieving these goals. She challenged me to develop new behaviors and analyze its impact. Now I feel that I have more resources and that my professional profile is more complete.

Human Resources Director in B2B services company

I have recently accessed a management position in a large company and the truth is that the integration into a large international company is not always easy. Often, the priority when you arrive at a new job is to show your Manager she has not been wrong by selecting you and focusing on working technically with rigor, forgetting, on occasion, that it is also important to relate personally and professionally to all your stakeholders. With the help of the eGaness coach I have been able to set clear phases and objectives to make a successful integration.

Director at Global Telecommunications Company